Monday Mood Board: Inked Up

Monday Moodboard Inked Up

I love a girl with a tattoo!! Instant 50% hotness increase I’d say. I have a couple of small ones – a heart behind my ear, and a triangle on my wrist – but I really want to get some more. They are pretty addictive! I’ve always wanted to get “We wanted to be the sky” inked on my ribs – it’s a line from the Cat Power song ‘Colours and the Kids’ and I’ve always thought it was weirdly beautiful in a way that makes you feel both blissfully hopeful but also sort of sad. I loved it even more when I saw the Tim Etchells art instillation. It’s so great.

I love all these images and have saved/ screen-grabbed/ screen-shotted them all on my phone or laptop for future inspiration. Another I’ve always wanted to get is of a skull – the place on my body keeps changing but the skull theme has been pretty persistent for a few years. I love the intricate bamboo ink design seen above, and also the candy skulls that so many people have, and I’ve asked my friend Tamzin Lillywhite to design me one from scratch that combines all the aspects that I love of others into something that is completely unique and personal to me. I love the idea that it was created by one ofmy best friends too.