American Dreamz: For Love & Lemons

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I really wanted to share the new For Love and Lemons look book from their ’4th of July capsule collection’ with you all – it’s got a really cool American summery ‘trailer-trash’ (in a good way), carefree vibe and the rainbow-haired model Chloe Norgaard looks amazing. The For Love & Lemons look books never disappoint – I fell in love after seeing this one on Purse n’ Boots last year!!!

I love it when a look book tells a story, is super fun, and showcases the clothes in a way that makes you want to wear them. For me this often involves pretending I’m going to be wearing the pieces in the exact scene of the photo shoot, and with this one the plastic pink flamingos, the paper parasoles, the cacti, and the vintage Airstream made it so much easier to visualise myself floating around this backyard in the ‘New Mexican Mini Dress’ with a hotdog in my hand.



  • Oumayma TFD

    Oh wow, such a lovely photoshoot! Really amazing!