Kate Moss for Topshop Pansy Print Dress, Topshop Beige Western Boots, Kimchi Blue Envelope Bag, Ray Ban Wayfarers

Apparently wearing this dress in March is a controversial move, even if its gloriously sunny and verging on warm. I thought that I was being pretty sensible on account of my opaque tights – which in theory I find defunct in any senario, but as an English girl I have learned to make concessions and trade in my beliefs for the perfect (but very elusive) spring day outfit. But on this one-off perfect spring day I forgot my camera, again forcing me to make concessions for the ‘perfect spring outfit’ outfit post. We took these pictures on my iPhone, and with the help of Instagram filters and some photoshopping I think its actually pretty acceptable.

You will definitely be seeing more of this dress because it is perfect – and yes every girl who has ever heard of Topshop has it – but there’s just no getting over that fact. It’s cut is so flattering, and it’s pattern is just the right amount of whispery floral that it makes even wintery-goths like me melt a little bit.