Mermaid Hair


My idea of dream hair has always been Daryl Hanna from Splash. Not her actual hair, but more the idea of it. It’s the perfect length that you don’t even need to wear anything on your upper body (you can simply wear your mane as a top ); its the ideal amount of beachy, matted waves; and she has a fringe cut in. Plus, she’s a freaking mermaid!!! I think it’s pretty much a legal requirement for girls to dream about having mermaid hair…or is that just me!?

But Splash came out in 1984 – the year of Virgin Atlantic’s inaugural flight, the LA Olympic Games, the coal miners strike in England, and the first Apple Macintosh going on sale – and i wasn’t even born then. With that in mind this mood board features real-life ‘Madison’ girls, with up to date enviable mermaid hair.