Candyfloss Houses

Candyfloss1 Candyfloss2 Candyfloss3 Candyfloss4 Candyfloss5

Photos by: Lucy Matthes-Buck

Topshop Pocket Jumper, Forever 21 Pleat Skirt, Vintage Flatforms, Zara Leather Jacket, Zara Fringe Bag, Vintage Sunglasses

This outfit formula is pretty much uniform at this point. It would be plenty more ideal if I could ditch the tights but the prospect of wind burnt and frost bitten legs is to horrible to contemplate. I work near dozens of streets like this – terraces upon terraces of pretty pastel shade houses that never fail to invoke a dreamy image in my head about what it would be like to live in one. Preferably Number 27 with the hot pink door.



  • Danielle F

    beautiful photos!