My So Called Life

Screen Shot 2013-03-12 at 19.14.26Screen Shot 2013-03-12 at 19.14.16So Feminine

Thank you so much to Kyle Galvin from Noctis Mag, and So Feminine for taking these street style photos of me at London Fashion Week. I’ve been pretty tardy at getting round to posting these – I put it down to being my usual horrified self whenever I see a picture of myself without a perfect ‘each hair in the perfect place’ fringe, and having come away with so many amazing photos of others that I sort of forgot.

Like the catwalks, I’ve been going through a serious jonesing for a bit of 90′s styling recently. No decade layers like the 90′s; and after seeing the incredible results of Margaret Zhang’s experimentation, I took tentative steps in the same direction with this Cos knit layered under my Topshop Raglan Scallop Dress. I’m not sure I thought it through completely though, seeing as it was a freezing day in London and my outfit was all about the detail of the arms so I had to go coat-less for these photos. Note to self: Try layering jackets and coats next time.